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S Booster Set 7 - Perfected Time Ruler Booster Box

S Booster Set 7 - Perfected Time Ruler Booster Box

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  • Description
    Perfected Time Ruler marks the return of the Aces Subaru Hoshiyomi and Masato Rikuo, while introducing the new [Phantom Thief Drago] Magic World attribute, which allows players to steal their opponent’s cards as “treasures.” The set also features the return of key monsters from previous sets that will have upgraded abilities, while still sporting their original illustrations.

    The set will include a total of 86 cards from the Magic, Katana, Ancient, Star Dragon, and Dual Cards Worlds, with the following rarities: 2 BR, 4 SP, 15 Secret, 8 RRR, 12 RR, 15 R, 14 U, and 16 C. It will be sold in five-card booster packs, with each pack including one R or higher rarity card, and some random packs will have parallel foil versions of common, uncommon, or rare cards. Each 30-pack display box will include one Secret Pack.