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Regionals Mar 21st 2020 Main Event

Regionals Mar 21st 2020 Main Event

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CAD$ 25.00
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    To complete the pre-registration and claim the pre-registration gift, please do the following:


    1) Please fill out a pre-registration slip which can be ontained here: https://img.yugioh-card.com/en/events/forms/KDE_RegistrationSheet.pdf

    2) Email the pre-registration slip to orders@dollys.ca

    3) On the day of the event, check in with the tournament staff to pick up gifts!


    Please note if you are new to tournaments and do NOT have a Konami COSSY ID, email orders@dollys.ca for assistance.

    If you HAVE a Konami COSSY ID but are unsure of the number, email orders@dollys.ca for assistance.


    The tournament starts at 10am and decklists are required and collected during the first round.